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I am a legal professional and have been specialising in employment law for most of my career. I started a consulting practice in 2005 and I can honestly say that I love my job. Starting and growing a business takes time and patience, but the flexibility and freedom to explore and innovate, is a joy! 


My personal work experiences in both the corporate and the start-up environment, and the many years of interaction with business people and employees on all kinds of employment issues, have given me a particular perspective into 'working'.  I have heard the questions, seen the shortcuts, helped to resolve the conflicts, strategised around the disputes, litigated, trained managers and staff, drafted contracts and chaired my fair share of hearings.  


And there is no doubt that the concept of 'work' is changing from what we have been used to up to now. We need a whole new approach to why, when, where and how we go about achieving our goals, earning a living and.... being happy!




Judith Griessel

Many 'gurus' offering advice on how to do this, are only a click or a tap away. In fact, information and advice on just about anything is easily accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. The key is knowing how to discern which information has real value and whose advice to trust.


There is always a demand for trusted resources and quality advice on working and conducting business in South Africa. This will increase with more freelancers and entrepreneurs, who do not have the benefit of corporate infrastructure to train and guide them.  I aim to help by providing guidance, expertise, training, tools and practical advice in my area of expertise. I also have a trusted network of collaborators who have proven their value as reputable resources over the years, that can add further value.  


It is my sincere wish that everyone visiting this site will find some useful information to help them work, and will become part of a growing community exchanging ideas and building something unique together.