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Work as we know it, is changing. How, when and where we work have already seen many changes - largely because of the many options that new technology is giving us. In the new world of work, what we do will most likely change a few times during the course of our working careers.


If you have not given this much thought yet, the time is now. The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us and the "Future of Work" is the new buzz phrase on everyone's lips. In South Africa, retrenchments and corporate restructuring add many skilled people to the ranks of the unemployed; while many graduates battle to find jobs in their chosen fields.   

What does this mean for you? Well, wherever you find yourself in/outside the world of work, continuous learning, re-skilling and accessibility to resources will be important for everyone - and it will most likely become your personal responsibility, rather than being able to depend on an employer for training and teaching you the ropes. 

So - we need to start exploring and sift out the useful from the 'noise' of the online offerings. The resources and tools on this site are being put together to guide and assist with this as much as possible, particularly relating to the South African context. Selected content that's interesting or useful are also posted on our social media pages. Also keep an eye on this space for news about our online training options!  

You are most welcome on this journey with me - we truly live in exciting times.


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A treasure trove of information, links and resources. 

Ways to develop your own skills to give you more options and flexibility.

In-depth training and support for dealing with staff issues and labour law.

And much, much more. Have a look below.


Employment Relations in South Africa is a dynamic field, and there are constant changes to contend with. 

The information, training and tools provided here aim to educate and empower - information, but with context. Understanding why you do something and what it aims to achieve, is so much more useful than to settle for mere compliance.


Everyone conducting a business or a trade in South Africa (even sole proprietors) has to comply with POPIA as from 1 July 2021. Find out how to access extensive information, training and practical tools on the topic by clicking on the button below.


Technological advances have brought about great disruption in the workplace, and we must adapt. On this page you will find links to information and resources related to learning, transferable skills and preparing for the modern workplace.


Job searching has become a science, and electronic applications and submissions of CV's have to contend with unfriendly algorithms and filters.


Here are some tips from experts that can help.


Various online training options dealing with employment- and workplace-related topics and how to manage these in practice.


Mini-courses, videos and extensive ER-support by Judith Griessel, based on more than 25 years' experience in labour law.



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